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Grow your sales on or Flipkart using our pricing intelligence. Know what to sell and at what price to sell. Optimise revenue and profits. And sip tea like a boss. ☕️

We'll do the research for you.

See price graph, decide your own prices

Get a glance of competitor’s price graphs for more than 6 months. And have a better idea for setting your own prices.

Get all stats in one screen

Monitor your competition’s profits, inventory, Bestsellers Rank (BSR), and much more

Find the best products to procure

Avoid making wrong procurements and wasting money. Find products that are most likely to sell instead.

Know what to sell

Out of 100 million products on Amazon/ Flipkart we’ll tell you exactly which products have great sales potential & low competition

Find how much you can earn

After deducting all the costs involved, you can see estimated revenue for each product.

Find best shipping method

Should you do dropshipping or FBA? Know what’s the right shipment strategy for you.

See Popularity Graph

Know whether the prospective item is getting more popular or not

Find where to source products

For every prospective item, get a quick overview on where to source items from

Ratings quick peek:

Instantly check the ratings and reviews for a particular product

How it works.


Add potential products to your Dashboard

Add products from or Flipkart using the item’s URL. Or import CSV file with products.


Gain insights on the product

See Google trends, pricing history, bestsellers rank, and more info. Know how much potential the item has.


Sell only the potential items, ignore the rest

Based on the data, eliminate items that people aren’t likely to buy.

Works With:


Grow sales & increase your profit


Lakhs of Rupees loss

Loss Factor

  • Man hours wasted on product research

  • Dealing with excessive return rates

  • Setting wrong prices during big sales day

  • Money wasted in promotions for selling slow moving SKUs


Lakhs of Rupees profited

Cut down losses

using Salesla

Starting from

Rs 4,999

per month

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What you'll get:

After signing up, you can immediately start adding products. For each item you’ll see:

  • Price history graph for more than 6 months
  • Popularity graph shows whether the item has gotten more popular or not
  • Google search trends shows how likely the item is found on search
  • Price list of the same product on Flipkart, and Snapdeal
  • Average units sold per day
  • Estimated daily revenue from the sales of the product

These features coming soon

  • Competition seller analysis: Know which things your competitor is good at.
  • Keyword explorer: Which other keywords you should have in description or do PPC on
  • How to win buy box: Knowhow to increase probability of winning buy box in amazon.


  • We have the price trend and sales data for over 10 million products from Amazon and Flipkart.

  • The data is updated every few hours

  • Salesla supports these Indian stores for now.

    • Flipkart
    • Jabong
    • Myntra

    Coming soon for these stores

    • Paytm
    • Shopclues

Make your business more profitable with salesla?

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