Amazon Launches Local Shops On Amazon Program for Offline retailers

Amazon India, on Thursday, announced the launch of “Local Shops on Amazon”. The program will use the e-commerce giant’s technology, enablement capabilities, and training to power local shops across India to sell online.

Empowering offline shops and retailers, to leverage the best of both worlds.

Amazon has said that it will invest Rs 10 crore in launching the program which was in the pilot phase for the last 6 months. Amazon reached out to 5000 local stores.

These offline stores sell products like electronics, apparel, toys, furniture, grocery, home furnishings, to list on its platform.

Offline retailers who are getting on board through the program have one prime condition that is to have a delivery mechanism handy to deliver orders to customers either on the same day or on the next day (with pin-code level granularity). This is something that would ultimately help Amazon reduce the burden of enhancing its delivery fleet.

Gopal Pillai, Amazon India vice-president for seller services in an interview said, “Code-named ‘Local Shops on Amazon’, this program helps customers discover products from local shops in their city (many they already trust and love!) from the convenience of their homes while helping shopkeepers supplement their footfalls with a digital presence and expand beyond their normal catchment. We expect this to be a win-win, as customers benefit from access to greater selection, faster deliveries, and additional value-added services, and local shops can transform themselves into digital stores”.

How to Join the “Local Shops On Amazon” program?

Sellers can join the program by visiting Amazon Services Page on the Amazon site. The page says that there won’t be any additional charges to join the initiative and the standard fee of selling on the online marketplace will be applicable to Amazon Local Shops Sellers as well. Moreover, it says that the participants will get access to the ‘Prime Badge’ that will help enhance discovery on the site.

Seller Can start selling by doing the following steps:-

  • Create an account for selling on Amazon
  • Upload your product details and set details Price
  • Choose the areas/region that you want to get orders from; where you can deliver the orders either the same day, next day or maximum in 2 days
  • Deliver orders to customers when you get them

Benefits of Local Shops on Amazon program for offline retailers?

As we know Amazon has the highest no of customers available in India for the Ecommerce marketplace. It has more reach to customers than anyone else in India. You can leverage the power of Amazon to your benefits to reach more customers and Sales.

Benefits Of Amazon Local
Benefits Of Local Shop on Amazon program

Resources for Offline Sellers those who want to start selling on Amazon?

This is the golden opportunity and best time to sell online on Amazon for offline retailers. Amazon giving this opportunity to partner with them and grow your business to the National level. To get started we have listed some important resources for you to read.

Final Thoughts:

We are very excited about the possibilities opened up by this program. Now offline retailers can utilize this opportunity to scales their business nationwide.

We as Salesla are ready to help and train any motivated retailer or shopkeeper who is ready to lean forward with us on this exciting journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):-

What Is Local Shops On Amazon’ Program?

Local Shops on Amazon’ is a program that allows any offline retailer/Store to register on Amazon and serve more customers from local area. With Local Shops on Amazon, you get access to the ‘Prime Badge’ that helps customers around you discover you faster on!

Who is Eligeble for this Program?

A physical store/retail store/ kirana shop in any part of the country can register for this program.

How can i register on Local Shops On Amazon Program?

You can register for Amazon Local by visitng Amazon Service Page.

What Type of products are eligeble for this program?

Almost everything. You can list your product on Amazon ranging from Electronics to toys, Food items and grocery. Please refer to this page for full list items that you can sell on Amazon Local Shop .

What is the cost to sell on Amazon local shops?

The Standard fee of selling on is applicable to Amazon Local Shops Sellers as well.

I Already sell on, What will change for me ?

If you are already a selling on then please refer to this help page of seller central. Here is the Reference Page.

Can I still sell to pincodes to which delivery is not possible within 2 days?

Yes absolutely.You can still sell to pincodes to which delivery is not possible in 2 days or less, but such offers will not get the Prime badge.

What are the benifits of Amazon prime badge?

With Prime badge, Amazon’s Prime customers can easily find your offers when looking for fast, reliable delivery. You also have better chances to win the buy-box (by winning buy-box when customers add the product to their cart, they will be buying from you by default) and thus potentially boost your sales. You can also provide better customer experience as Amazon manages customer support for all your Prime orders.

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