How to Write a Product Catalogue

E-commerce portals are on the rise like never before. Consumers are finding online shopping to be a very comfortable experience, unlike going to physical stores and searching for products and wasting their time and energy. The latter is quite exhausting. It’s not just the consumers who are happy, small and medium business owners are enjoying their successes to the hilt. For e-commerce has given these business owners a terrific platform to showcase their products, they can practically sell while they sleep. But then again, there’s much more to selling on e-commerce sites than meets the eye.

If you are one of those sellers on e-commerce portals, you should know better about how the system works. E-commerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon do give sellers a great opportunity to make profits, sure, but in the end, it’s up to you, the sellers, to make the best of it. You get a chance to display your products to over 5 crore potential customers. One of the most dynamic methods to reap huge profits is by creating an impressive catalogue. The authenticity of your products is important, of course. But it’s futile if you don’t have a good catalogue to showcase your products in the best way possible.

Here’s how you design your catalogue to impress your customers.


To put it simply, your catalogue is your product’s fingerprint. Buyers identify you with your catalogue. So it is vital to create a catchy one to garner the attention of your potential buyers. The right design will help you build your online presence and also help you expand your business. It is always important to include relevant and accurate design and not some irrelevant elements that may confuse your buyers. Be unique.


Planning is the most important aspect of creating a beautiful catalogue. Plan a rough catalogue, but at the same time make sure it is in detail. Always keep your Excel sheet ready to save information regarding your product name, number, category, and sub-category, price, description, and photographs. Once you have all the information handy, plan the design. Get in touch with an SEO expert to give you the relevant keywords to include in the catalogue. Further, how you place your products plays an important role, too. Your customers should get what they are looking for in their first attempt. Use the right keywords to generate enough traffic to your catalogue. Having said all this, you need to wait to put together a complete catalogue. You can go live with a small but a detailed and an eye-catchy catalogue that will give all the relevant information about your product.

Catalogue Description

Your catalogue content should be terrific. No fancy, unnecessary details. It should be crisp, clear, and comprehensible for the buyer. This is the most important aspect in retaining your customer. Your catalogue content is always your best bet. However, do not, at any cost, copy-paste content from other catalogues or websites. Be unique, write your own content. Also, your descriptions should be free of any grammatical errors. Bad language will certainly drive your customers away. Make sure to optimize your product names and categories according to the present keyword trends. This helps in popping your product up as the first hit on the search engine.

Furthermore, write detailed descriptions of your products, explaining about various aspects of it, the uses, benefits, and why the customers should buy it, and what makes your products unique. Use the keyword filters properly; use brochures, user manuals, and product specifications wherever necessary and possible. All this detailed information will help your customers make informed decisions.

The Right Look

Getting the right look for your catalogue is as important as the clarity of the content. Bad visuals can kill the potential of your product. Make sure you use pleasing background and colours. The design should be easy on the eyes and not distracting to the customers. One simple way to do this is by colour coding your product pages. Use professional photographs for your products. Don’t hesitate to hire a professional photographer if need be. If you are doing it on your own, always use DSLR camera. Each product should be portrayed with at least three images to make them more understandable. In the end, the right pictures make your catalogue stand out in the crowd.

Cross Selling

Cross selling goes a long way in helping you reap more profits. Along with the product the consumer is looking at, projecting a similar or alternative products help you sell more. Suggestions for similar products or offering your customers to take a look at your other products will garner more attention. This is a great strategy. Some of the popular features in this are: Popular Products, Related Products, What Others are Looking At, What Others Have Purchased, You Might be Interested In, etc. Such upselling and cross selling features link all your other products and provide a glimpse of your business to your customers. Even if they don’t want to buy them at the moment, they may come back for it later.

Follow the above steps religiously and you will see a difference in your sales soon. Selling online through e-commerce portals is great, provided you do all the necessary things to pique your customers’ interest in a magnificent way. A great catalogue will take your business to a whole new level. It doesn’t just make your business sophisticated, but make your customers to trust your products. So make sure you create a kick-ass catalogue for your products to reap huge profits.



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