How to Take Great Pictures for your Product Catalogue

You don’t have to log hours in your physical store alone to reap profits anymore. Online shopping has changed the way people shop. It’s advantageous to both sellers and consumers. Consumers need not sweat it to find their favourite item by going to shopping malls anymore. They can browse and order whatever they want by sitting at home. And as for sellers, they can sell while they sleep. If you are an online seller, you would know the benefits. But then again, you have to make the best use of e-commerce to make huge profits. One of the ways is by creating a stunning catalogue for your products. The main thing to make your catalogue to stand out is by filling it up with immaculate pictures.

Getting the right look for your catalogue is as important as the clarity of the content. Bad visuals can kill the potential of your product.  The design should be easy on the eyes and not distracting to your customers. One simple way to do this is by colour-coding your product pages. Use professional photographs for your products. Don’t hesitate to hire a professional photographer if need be. If you are doing it on your own, always use DSLR camera. Each product should be portrayed with at least three images to make them more understandable. In the end, the right pictures make your catalogue stand out in the crowd.

Here are a few tips on how to take the best product pictures for your catalogue.

  1. Lighting

Adding product pictures to your catalogue could be a tad tricky. It’s a given that your products look beautiful in real, but to manifest that beauty on to your catalogue takes some practice and talent.

For starters, make sure the lighting is excellent. Lighting is what makes your products look either stunning and legitimate or dull and unimpressive. The right lighting will put your products in the spotlight and lets your customers to have a good idea about what your product is all about and how it really looks in real life. So take care of your lighting. Use lots of natural, bright light in your pictures for best results. Also, take care of the angle of the lighting while taking pictures. Make sure the lighting doesn’t cast any shadows and make your pictures look as though they are straight out of a horror movie.

2. Background

For all your pictures, make sure you use a uniform background. Do not use a dark background for one product and use a gray background for another. Maintain uniformity at all costs. Maintaining a uniform background makes your products look great. Usually, bright white background works well for most pictures, as they don’t look distracting. They look simple, elegant. The main idea is to promote your product in the best way possible. So keep it simple, give your customers a good idea about your product. Keep your creativity in check.

3. Consistency

Maintain consistency of style for all your pictures at all costs. The size and background of all pictures should be similar, and should every picture should be taken in the same style. Designate a specific place to take all the pictures. Do not take some pictures in one place and others in another place. This will improve consistency of your pictures in a huge way. Different pictures taken in different places and with different backgrounds and styles will confuse your customers. Pictures look clumsy and drag your customers’ attention from your products. So make sure there is consistency in your pictures.

4. Angles

Take your products’ pictures in all angles for maximum impact. Your customers should have a perfect idea about your product. They will feel comfortable if they are given an option to flip the products to the other side and see how it looks. One challenge in online shopping is that customers can’t touch and feel the products. So it’s your responsibility to showcase your product in the best way possible.

5. Take a Second Look

Once the pictures are uploaded onto your catalogue, don’t hesitate to take a second look at your catalogue. This may seem simple, but taking a look again for any mistakes will help you a great deal. If you catch any mistake in the pictures, say, they look dull or are inconsistent or anything, remove them immediately and replace them with the good ones. Make sure the pictures are not blurry or dull. Your product pictures should be pleasing to your customers’ eyes.

In the end, it’s not an exaggeration to say that your product pictures are the primary selling point. The better they look the more sales you will make. The attention span of customers is falling lower by the day, so if your product pictures don’t grab their attention quickly, they will move on to something else soon. Great pictures make for great catalogues and great catalogues make for better sales.





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