How to Grow Sales on Flipkart

Established in 2007, Flipkart has quickly become one of the biggest e-commerce portal in India. The advantages of becoming a seller on Flipkart are many.  The popularity of Flipkart at present is on an all-time high. If you are looking forward to becoming a seller on Flipkart or are already a seller there and looking forward to boost your sales, this one’s for you. Although Flipkart offers a lot of options to improve your sales, it’s still not enough. Check out our top tips to do better on Flipkart.

1. Spike Sales

You will get a lot of opportunities to improve your business with Flipkart’s seller events. They are also called as Spike Sales. During Spike Sales, Flipkart provides you some exciting deals on almost all the categories. This attracts the customers in a huge way and drives tremendous traffic to the site (also on the mobile app). You can hike your sales during these sales with minimal effort and reach more customers than ever in one go. Furthermore, this also helps you satisfy more customers. This will put you at the top and gives you a lot of credibility as a seller. Extra logistics to promotions to TV commercials – Flipkart’s Spike Sales will make sure you get maximum number of customers for your products.

2. Product Ads

You should understand how to drive traffic towards your products. The get more clicks on your products, make use of Flipkart’s Product Listing Ads. This is how it works:

  • Choose a product and create an ad campaign
  • Flipkart then lists these products as “Featured Products” on the relevant pages on the website
  • Your customer sees your ad while wandering through the site and clicks on your product

Simply put, your products will get more visibility that in turn builds a larger customer base.

3. Catalogues

As said earlier, catalogues play a very important role. They represent your products and are very influential to a buyer. Having a good catalogue with clear descriptions of your products is vital. You should understand that people prefer to shop online mainly to save time, thus your product descriptions should garner their attention and not waste their time by giving out unnecessary information. Also, make sure to add your product in the correct category and sub-category. This helps customers to search for your products easily.

4. Packaging

It’s a given that your products should be authentic. But at the same time, if it’s not packaged well, it fails to attract customers. It should be easy on the eyes. Make sure you always use good packaging materials and minimize the chances of damage. This also shows your commitment to your customers. Flipkart says that 52% of customers make repeat purchases from sellers that deliver great packaging, and 5% of customers expect their orders to arrive in premium packaging. So make sure you invest in packaging that can result in 30% more sales.

5. Delivery

This goes without saying: if you want to improve your sales, make sure you deliver your product faster. Keep your products ready for delivery all the time and mark them RTD (Ready to Dispatch), so that Flipkart’s logistics partners pick up your products and deliver them to your customers faster. As mentioned earlier, faster delivery equals higher seller ratings.

6. Inventory

It’s a given that that having a well-maintained inventory is a vital part of any business, be it retail business or e-commerce. Make sure you always stock up products in your inventory to fulfill orders of your customers faster. Business during festivals will see a surge and during those times if you have your products stocked up in your inventory, it will be of great help for you. You won’t delay the delivery at any cost, thereby keeping your customers happy and satisfied. As mentioned above, delivering products on time will impress your customers in a huge way.

7. Pictures

On an e-commerce platform, pictures are the closest any customer can get to know about the products well. This is a critical point in selling online. Since customers can’t touch and feel the products, they are compelled to rely on pictures. So make sure the pictures of your products are of high resolution with every minute detail clearly visible. If it looks good, it will sell well.

8. Flipkart Advantage Seller

Flipkart Advantage Seller is a unique service offered to sellers. You can avail Flipkart’s top-notch fulfilment centres. The only thing you are required to do is store your products with Flipkart. Everything else is taken care by Flipkart – from packing your products to handling return requests. Also, Flipkart Advantage offers you storage space; quality check by experts and faster delivery. This easily reduces the stress of managing handling return requests, leasing or owning a storage space, delivering on time, etc. You can opt for this service and focus more on delivering quality products.

9. Abide by the Rules

Always abide by the rules set by Flipkart for sellers. These rules are designed to increase customers’ faith in Flipkart. Buyers often shop more from sellers who have high ratings and good reviews. Make sure you stick to rules and do not indulge in unethical business practices such as selling fake items. Commitment to serve your buyers should be the top-most priority to become a top seller on Flipkart. Always abide by the rules set by Flipkart and provide quality service to your customers. Acknowledge feedback and work towards providing better service to your customers.


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