How to Grow Sales on Amazon

It’s been twenty years since Amazon set foot into this world and it’s still going great guns. Amazon is now the world’s biggest e-commerce retailer and has given tremendous opportunity for third party sellers to make it big.

The popularity of Amazon is still on the rise with more and more sellers joining the bandwagon. If you are one of those sellers on Amazon or about to embark upon a journey on Amazon, this article is for you. It is important to know the nuances of selling on Amazon. The e-commerce giant gives you a lot of opportunities and flexibility in terms of listing your products, but at the same time it’s your responsibility to make the best of it.

To know how you can crank it up a notch on Amazon, read on. Here are some of the best ways to grow your sales on Amazon.


  1. Customer Reviews

It is vital to include customer reviews for every product on your product page on Amazon. Great content can easily boost the visibility and the traffic, and customer reviews are no less. Give your customers a platform to express their views and opinions on the products you are selling. This creates a great deal of transparency among your customers. People usually trust their friends and neighbours’ reviews more than professional reviews.

Having said that, around 90% of customers on Amazon fail to review their purchase. So you have to think out of the box a bit. Find reviews that include local media. Video reviews can be extremely helpful, too. If you know people in your town, go to them and ask them if they have enjoyed your product. Also, using programs like Feedback Five can help you increase the amount of feedback submitted and help you to get rid of those negative comments.

2. SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a boon if you are looking forward to be more visible on the internet. Amazon looks at the keywords in the product’s title to rank its listings. The keyword option given on Amazon for sellers is a thing to be considered seriously. It works in almost the same way that SEO agencies worked to improve Google rankings in 2000s. Take advantage of this option completely.

You will have a character limit of 500 with the product title. Include as many important keywords in this as possible to make sure your product becomes visible. Brand, description, material, colour, size, quantity, and product line should go in this field. Also, using tools like Amazon Keyword Tool will also help you in a great deal.

3. Buy Box

The Buy Box win percentage tells you the average proportion of time your listings with customer views were featured in it. The Buy Box is the box on a product detail page where customers can begin the purchasing process by adding items to their shopping carts.

Using Buy Box, you can set rules to match, stay above or stay below the Buy Box price for any active SKU in your catalogue using Automate Pricing in Seller Central.

A way to increase your chances of winning the Buy Box is to price your item competitively. Below is a list of products priced close to (within 5%) the Buy Box price, and ranked by estimated sales potential. To improve your Buy Box win percentage, consider discounting these items. Lowering your price might help in winning the Buy Box, but winning the Buy Box also requires meeting very high standards in areas like inventory availability, fulfilment, and customer service.

Simply put, whoever wins the Buy Box becomes the featured seller for that particular product.

4. Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)

FBA is a program where you send your products to one of Amazon’s fulfilment centres to be stocked. When the customers buy your products, Amazon will pack and ship them for you. This program allows you to focus on other important aspects of running your business, while Amazon handles packing, shipping, and customer service. Another advantage of FBA is that you can extend the reach of your merchandise to Amazon Prime Members. This will certainly give you an extra boost at winning the Buy Box, even if the products are priced a bit higher.

5. Discounts

Discounts are an important part of online selling. There are a plethora of sellers on Amazon who are giving impressive discounts. Meaning, the competition is high among sellers. If you want to make it big on Amazon, then discounts, discounts, discounts. This will help you build a solid bond with your customers.

Daily offers and good discounts will help you come at the top of your product category. What’s more, this can also give you the opportunity to appear on the homepage of Amazon under “Hot Deals” and “New & Noteworthy” categories. Needless to say, this will generate a lot of traffic for you and gives exposure for all your products seen on the page.

6. Product Descriptions

Product descriptions play an important role in your becoming a bestseller on Amazon. Clear, crisp, detailed descriptions of your product, coupled with impressive pictures will generate more interest in your customers towards your products. Nobody wants to buy from sellers who are not serious in their business. A great copy with authentic, clear pictures will grab eyeballs to a maximum extent. Also, video content goes a long way, for they are quick and up-to-the point and saves buyers a lot of time from perusing the descriptions.

Product descriptions ala a good copy is like packaging to your products. Your products may be authentic, but if it’s wrapped in shabby content and unclear pictures, then they are no good. So make sure your copy is clean and detailed. This gives you a lot of credibility and helps you make lasting impact on your buyers.

7. Restock your Products

Prices on Amazon are constantly fluctuating and competitors jump at the opportunities to list the same kind of products any time, hence the profitability of products changes all the time. If some products are profitable this month can be loss the next month. So restocking products without understanding their demand could be a losing game for you. It now becomes imperative and important to concentrate on products that generate more profit for you. And keep those items ready and stocked up.


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