Amazon SEO In 2021- A Definitive Guide For Sellers (Updated)

Amazon SEO In 2020, in this guide we will discuss how to rank your product on Amazon.

Most people who visit Amazon India, they have a specific goal in mind: to purchase a specific product. And the most prominent question is: whom will they buy that product from? If you want that seller to be you, then you need to understand some basics about Amazon’s A10 algorithm.

This is the algorithm that powers Amazon’s search engine and the results.


Amazon’s A10 Algorithm

Amazon A10 charges the website’s search box that displays the results of the product for customers. The algorithm determines what products to display and also how high those products rank. This depends on a few criteria:

  • Previous consumer preferences and behaviour
  • The Relevance of search words
  • Quantity of past purchase history of a particular product


There are other criteria, too, which Amazon keeps a secret. But understanding these are sufficient to rank your products high on Amazon. If you are selling on Amazon, you should already know the significance of being favoured by Amazon’s product search engine and you should also know that coming up high in the search results is vital to your Amazon SEO success. Most customers don’t go beyond the first page of the search result. Consider the following two important things: 

  • 70% of Amazon customers will never go beyond the first page of search results 
  • The first three items accumulate to 64% of the business generated


Amazon a10 Algorithm


This fact is enough to understand the significance of ranking on the first page of the results. So, your success depends on how you optimize your products according to the Amazon A10 search engine. 

Factors Influencing Search Result Rankings on Amazon SEO(Amazon’s A10)

There are two primary factors that have a significant influence on your rankings on Amazon:


  • Stock Supply: If you are out of stock, then your listing will be pushed to the bottom of the list or worse, it will disappear
  • Text Relevance: Product title and description
  • Price: A big gap in pricing with your competitors may be disadvantageous to you. 


  • The Velocity of Sales: The more items you sell, the higher your rankings on Amazon will be. 

Tackle Amazon A10 and Improve your SEO Product Ranking on Amazon

Here are some of the things you can try and improve your product ranking on Amazon. 

Product Title

The first and foremost thing you have to tackle is your product title. Ensure you have included all the relevant information in your title, starting first with the name of your product. Include all the relevant keywords, but don’t overstuff your titles. This may look like clutter to some. Include the following in your Product title:

  • Product
  • Brand
  • Quantity
  • Material
  • Colour

Other than these, don’t stuff your product titles with any unnecessary words. You can read details of the Product Catalogue here. 

Product Keywords For Amazon SEO

Choosing the best product keywords is extremely important and the best and easy way to do that is by looking at the successful items in your category and take the keywords from there. Choose the top few products that rank high in your category and which have more reviews. Go through them and search for relevant keywords that suit your products. Compile a good list of keywords and start using them in your product titles and product descriptions.

You can find relevant long-tail keywords using keyword research tools like Salesla keyword research tool.


Product title with bullet points


Supply of Stocks

Ensure your products are not out of stock in order to not rank low in the search list. If you are using Amazon Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) programme by Amazon, then you can easily set automatic reminders. This will let you know when your inventory reaches a particular level. You can then restock your items. And if you haven’t opted for Amazon’s FBA programme and are selling your products on several different websites, keep a lookout for your inventory and make sure you are never out of stock. Ensure that you always stay at the top of inventory and keep in touch with your suppliers so that you never experience any deficits in the future.


Before you could price your product and even after your product goes live on Amazon, check your competitors to see how they are pricing products similar to yours. Make sure there are no large gaps between yours and your competitors’ pricing. Try your best to match your competitors’ pricing, or better still, try to beat their pricing. Also, watch out for sharks and bidding wars that have enormous operations. They lower their products’ pricing to unreasonable amounts and cause problems for smaller fish. 

Images and Text

One of the best things about listing on Amazon is that the e-marketplace provides a zoom function for your product images so that buyers can take a better look at your products. It is recommended to use large pictures that are at least 1000 pixels, either in width or height to enable this function. Top-quality pictures lead to better sales, as they influence the rankings of search results. 

Amazon SEO


Always make sure your content is precise and up to the point. If it’s text-heavy and devoid of bullet points, images, and any other format of spacing, it’s no good and looks clumsy. Make sure your content is easy on the eyes. Buyers dislike them, as they are not clear to understand and look cluttered. They lower your conversion rates and lower your appearance in search results. Amazon’s A10 algorithm dislikes walls of text, but instead, it prefers text with bullet points, as they are more organized and are easier to understand and categorize. So, use bullet points in your description. 

Product Reviews

Product reviews are extremely important for your sales to be good. In order to rank higher in the search results, make sure your product reviews are always positive. Your product images could be high quality and your product descriptions are superb, but they are of no consequence if you don’t have positive reviews. Customers always prefer sellers with positive reviews, as they have tremendous faith in rankings and other customers’ feedback. Amazon knows this and the A10 algorithm ranks the products with more positive reviews higher. One easy way to make sure you have a positive review is by adding a small note with the package. Ask your customers to leave a review on the product on your product page. 

Tools Like Salesla Feedback Management System comes in handy for Seller feedback and Reviews. Salesla helps you to grow your reviews and feedback organically by sending automated Emails to your buyers.


Salesla feedback Management
Feedback Management System


Keywords for Backend Search

These keywords and terms are invisible to the buyers, but they do get indexed by Amazon’s A10 algorithm. This can have a terrific influence on your products’ visibility. Some of the things you should consider including in your backend text are as follows:

  • Keywords that you were not able to include in your product title or product description
  • Any specific words that your target customers might use in order to search for your product, say a specific breed of dog if you are selling dog products, size of t-shirt, and the like
  • Misspellings of your products or related keywords

Alternate Options for Amazon SEO

If you are a new seller or existing seller trying to understand how Amazon SEO work or a potential seller looking to ease your job, then you can use the Salesla Keyword Research Tool to find potential keywords. Salesla also helps you to optimise your existing listings.

Salesla Keyword Optimiser

Salesla feedback Management
Salesla Keyword Optimiser
Salesla Listing Quality Score
Salesla feedback Management Salesla Keyword Optimiser Salesla Listing Quality Score


Now that you have the basic knowledge about how Amazon’s SEO algorithm works, you can use all of these points while listing your product on Amazon. You know what options are suitable for you to make the best use of Amazon listings and rank higher in the search results. Making a profit on Amazon is not that hard.

If you find any trouble optimizing your listings as per the latest Amazon’s update, we are happy to help. Sign up now and start your free trial.

What Is Amazon SEO ?

Amazon SEO means Optimising Your product listings to appear at the top of the Amazon search results for different relevant keywords.

Amazon SEO = Optimise Your Listing= More Visibility =Better Rankings = More Sales.

What Is Amazon’s A10 Algorithm ?

A10 Algorithm is developed by amazon and provides a search on all nine sites. In a nutshell, it’s a system which decides how products are ranked in Amazon. It is similar to the algorithm which Google uses for its search results

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