9 Ways to Increase your Sales Online

One of the best ways to be successful at selling online is to test everything and assume nothing. But then again, there are a few things that work like magic. Whether you have a business of your own or a part of an e-commerce site, some tricks to make the best of online business never go wrong. Here are a few you should consider to increase your sales online.

  1. Products on your Homepage

Do not clutter your homepage with a lot of products and services you are offering. This may confuse the customers and may even compel them to move on from your site. The best strategy is to project fewer products on your homepage and have more copy describing them in a brief and crisp way. Take the minimalist approach. This will make your homepage look clean and streamlined, thereby making your customers linger for long on your site. This is nothing but the power of focus. Visibility increases and so does the traffic.

2. Place your Opt-in Offer at the Right Place

Opt-in offers are a great tool to gather your buyers’ e-mail addresses and build your customer database. Having said that, the position of your opt-in offer on your website plays a vital role in gathering customers. Research shows that the top left of a page is where visitors look first. Once you get the attention of your customers and get their e-mail addresses, you can start keeping in touch with them by thanking them or providing them with new offers and deals, etc. Place your opt-in on every page of your site so that it’s always visible to your customers.

3. Hover Ads

Pop-ups, if done properly, can have a huge impact on your customers. These tiny windows that contain offers or extra information grab your customers’ attention quickly. Some users complain that they are a distraction, but only if the pop-ups look like you are trying to oversell them something. If they have have relevant information, nobody complains. But after having received complaints from people, Google, Netscape, and others developed pop-up blocking software to beat them.

So welcome hover ads. This is an outstanding technology that lets you use your ads that behave like pop-ups, but actually they aren’t. Hence they don’t get blocked. These hover ads have proved to be insanely impressive in the recent past with several sellers claiming that they increased sales by more than 150%. Hover ads are vital, as they give important information on your opt-in offers and limited offers and promotions.

4. Video Content

It’s a given that brain process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. This should be enough reason for you to start incorporating video content on your site. Long product descriptions with relevant and crisp images to help, but a video content of the same goes a long way. For they are eye-catchy and quick, video contents can increase conversion rates by 85%. So make a stunning video content for your site that gives ample information about your product. They need not be more than two minutes long. Also, video testimonials from your past customers will be an added advantage.

5. Avert Downtime

Amazon reportedly sells around 36 million products worldwide everyday. Imagine how much they could lose if the site comes down for a few minutes? It’s the same with your site. If the page is not loading fast enough, customers may leave the site before getting a glimpse of the content on your site. 57% of customers leave the site if it takes more than four seconds to load. So it is highly important that site is robust and resilient. Build your site on an elastic cloud platform, which prevents downtime and maintains the quality of the site. 

6. Customer Reviews

It is vital to include customer reviews for every product on your site. Great content can easily boost the visibility and the traffic, and customer reviews are no less. Give your customers a platform to express their views and opinions on the products and services offered by you. This creates a great deal of transparency for other customers. People usually trust their friends and neighbours’ reviews more than professional reviews.

7. Create Impressive Copy

The copy on your site plays a very important role in grabbing visitors’ attention. Make sure you create an impeccable copy to impress your visitors. Try and instill a sort of urgency in your visitors. The headlines, the description in ‘About Us’, the products and services you offer, your offers and deals, promotions, ads, what the users are going to benefit from your products and services, etc. All this should be crisp and clear and up to the point, without being too pushy. Your site may have the best design in town, but if the copy is not good, if it’s filled with errors, grammatical, contextual, et al, your customers are not going to take you seriously. Furthermore, your products could be genuine, but the way you promote it should be impressive, too. A good copy does this job effectively.

8. Design

Customers visit sites through multiple devices, so it is important that you implement a responsive design to enhance customer experience. More than 30% of all e-commerce transactions take place on mobile phones or tablets. Make sure to take advantage of this and build a site that is responsive when accessed through a mobile phone. Or better still, build an app. Apps are now synonymous with simplicity and ease of use. Most people nowadays are comfortable shopping online through their mobile phones and tablets. The content and design on your site should be in sync with the various screen sizes and resolutions of phones and tablets. No matter how good and authentic your products are, if people can’t access it comfortably, there is no point, is there?

9. SEO

How do customers find your online store? The answer is of course Google. When customers search for a particular product on Google, they are going to click on the first link they see. ⅓ of all clicks on Google go to the first organic link. The higher you are placed on Google the more visibility you have for your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the only way to do this. It fine-tunes your website and increases the chances of getting noticed. Use relevant and appropriate keywords while writing content for your website. Your copy could be great, but if it doesn’t contain all the relevant keywords needed to get picked up soon on Google, it’s of no use. Stress more on SEO and you are gold.


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